Maren Morris nearly missed the phone call of a lifetime -- but, lucky for her, one of her most famous fans was persistent. In a recent interview, Morris reveals that none other than Sir Elton John is a fan of hers, and that he recently called to tell her so.

In an interview with Sunday Today's Willie Geist, Morris relays the story of her chat with John: Morris checked her phone one day to discover "two missed calls from this South London number." She thought it was "weird," but then, her manager informed her that it was John -- yes, really -- trying to get ahold of her.

"I was like, 'What do I do? Do I call him?'" Morris remembers. "And he called me a third time, and, thank God, I answered."

Morris says that John "was so nice," and that he told her how impressed he was with her music and that he owns her debut record, Hero, on vinyl.

"[He said,] 'I'm a huge fan of what you're doing. And I have your record on vinyl; someone sent it to me,'" Morris recounts. "'And I just I love what you're doing. And I hope that we get to meet in the future soon.'"

Morris, unfortunately, doesn't have a witness to the phone call. She tried to get outside to where her boyfriend was hanging out, but before she could get there, the call was over.

"He's like, ‘Cool. Cheers. Bye,'" Morris says. "And I was like, ‘Crap. No one -- no one witnessed this.'"

Morris is currently touring with Sam Hunt, on his 15 in a 30 Tour; later this year, she'll pick back up with her own headlining tour, the Hero Tour. Morris has not one but two songs on the country charts right now: her own single "I Could Use a Love Song” and “Craving You,” her duet with Thomas Rhett.

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