At Taste of Country Festival in early June, Tyler Farr shared the best impersonation he's got, and it happened to be his friend and fellow country superstar Jason Aldean.

He jumped right into Aldean's hit song "Night Train," mumbling a few lines of the chorus before smacking the microphone and shouting, "Yes I do, baby!" However, Farr's short impersonation ended up sounding a lot more like Tyler Farr than Jason Aldean, so we don't think the "Redneck Crazy" singer is ready to quit his day job just yet.

Aldean, also at this year's Taste of Country Festival, jumped on the impersonation train as well, doing his best Luke Bryan with a nasally "hey guys" before retreating back to his normal self.

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Of course, both impersonations were in jest, as Aldean and Bryan are good friends and collaborators. Farr and Aldean are also well-known buddies, and Aldean even appeared on Farr's new A Little Too Farr reality series, which is a more backwoods version of MTV's Jackass.

Aldean and Farr were just two country stars at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival to share their celebrity impersonations with us backstage. Nine stars in total gave us their best copies of other famous names, which included impersonations of Shakira, Bill Clinton and Harry Carey.

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