Tuesday afternoon when I was out to the farm I took this picture. I admit it looks a little strange. Why would there be corn growing in a lawn? Early in the spring when I am getting the planter ready I always like to check out the monitor. You do not want to wait until you start planting corn because if there is a problem it might take a few days to get it fixed. So I put a little corn left from last year in all the planter boxes and plant across the yard to make sure the monitor works properly.

The result is some corn growing in the lawn. It is amazing to think about how tough the corn plant is. This corn has been cut off with the lawn mower at least seven or eight times! It is still growing back. This is what I was thinking about last spring when we saw the frost on the morning of May 15. Even though the corn was hard to look at, I was fairly confident it would grow back. If it can grow back seven or eight times in the lawn, it should be able to grow back in my field! By the way the corn did recover from the frost.

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