Remember that one time your boss gave you a Cadillac as a Christmas bonus? Oh, you didn't get a Cadillac? Yeah, me either. I mean, I got a box of meat and cheese last year. Sorry, didn't mean to brag lol. Perhaps we are in the wrong field? A company in Michigan just put on the most epic (I don't use that word often, so you know I mean it) Christmas party. They didn't "JUST" give out Cadillacs.

The company is called United Shore Financial Services and they hired The Chainsmokers to perform at their party. The freaking Chainsmokers, you guys! I mean, that's cool, but we are going bowling. Maybe I can play some Chainsmokers on the jukebox while we are there... Moving on. They then gifted 13 employees a new Cadillac (I'm assuming their top earners), and another 30 employees got a cruise to the Bahamas - WOW!

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Source: KIRO News

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