This spring I will hit the magic age and be eligible for Medicare. I am covered on Louise's health insurance and do not intend to retire. However, I was told you should still sign up for Medicare but which part? I did my homework the easy way. Louise checked with her Benefits Director and she said sign up for Medicare Part A. Then use their health insurance as a supplement.

I heard the ads about the Medicare open enrolllment deadline of December 7, 2019. Should you sign up by December 7, 2019 if you are going to be Medicare eligible in 2020? I googled signing up for Medicare and did not quickly find the answer, so I called one of the numbers on the Medicare web site. I was surprised when I was actually talking to a real person

I was informed that you can sigh up 3 months before to 3 months after your 65 birthday. They also asked for my name and email which I provided. I guess that was a mistake. Now I am getting emails on walk in tubs, gifts for grandchildren, cures for arthritis, we have cash buyers for your home, cures for wrinkled skin, townhomes for sale, cures for yellow teeth, cures for memory loss just to name a few! I guess that is what the Delete button is for!

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