The annual Conservation Tillage Conference will be held this week Tuesday and Wednesday December 17-18th  2019 at the Holiday Inn St. Cloud. The conference will feature a mix of informal talks and addresses by farmers and scientists. Many farmers are concerned about adapting conservation tillage and cover crops in heavier colder soils here in the Upper Midwest. The Conservation Tillage Conference will address those issues.

The keynote speaker will be David Lobb, a University of Manitoba soil scientist. The title of his talk, The True Cost of Erosion. Lobb has researched the phenomena of tillage erosion, which erodes more soil than wind or water erosion combined. There will be a number of "table discussions" and presentations by farmers and scientists. The cost of the conference is $180. There are a few scholarship discounts still available.

For more information contact Jodi DeJong Hughes at For hotel registration and accommodations go to


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