Ever wonder how RPU keeps its various water towers clean here in Rochester? This cool video shows you just how they do it!

If you've been doing any fall clean-up-- like raking those leaves, putting your outside hoses away, or other tasks involved in getting your house ready for winter-- you know it's a big job. Not as big, mind you, as the task Rochester Public Utilities has-- which, of course, is keeping our faucets filled with clean, cool tap water whenever we want it. To do that, of course, they have a sophisticated network of wells, water mains and water towers.

In fact, according to RPU.org, tap water in Minnesota's Med City "is pumped from the wells throughout the RPU water distribution system or stored in the numerous water storage facilities including the 50th Avenue Hydropillar with a capacity of 2 million gallons, the Apache Water Tower holding 500,000 gallons, or the St. Mary’s Reservoir with a capacity of 3.3 million gallons," the site said.

But, just how does it keep those massive structures clean? With a pretty cool procedure, which you can see in action in the video RPU posted on their Twitter page. Check out how it cleans one of RPU's water towers. (I wonder if I could borrow that device to clean the siding on my house before it gets really cold?!?)

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