Last week the University of Minnesota Extension Service released the results of their soybean variety trials for southern and southeastern Minnesota. Lisa Behnken from the Rochester Regional Extension office said they struggled to get the test plots harvested just like farmers did to get the their beans harvested. It then takes some time to run all the numbers and get the results organized and published.

Lisa said they get the data ready as soon as possible. Already farmer's seed dealers have been talking about and asking for commitments for soybean varieties for next year. With the newer soybean traits like Enlist and Extend, it would be helpful to know how soybean varieties with these traits yield compared the same variety without the trait. Sometimes with a new trait you see a yield drag.

Yield data is available from all of the seed company dealers of course. But, it is nice to see the unbiased yield data results that is published by the University of Minnesota too.

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