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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A former Rochester man, who is now in the military and serving with a unit stationed at Andrews Air Force base near Washington DC, is facing felony charges stemming from an incident involving his brother-in-law in Rochester last fall.

A criminal complaint filed in Olmsted County Court charges 32-year-old General Mayern with second-degree assault and terroristic threats. He also faces misdemeanor theft and assault charges in the case.

According to the charges, Mayern and another man came to his sister's home in northwest Rochester in the early morning hours of October 11th last year and requested to speak to her husband in private. The victim told police he went outside with the two men and Mayen then pulled a gun from his pants and was holding it against his cheek when the second man struck him on the head.

The victim indicated he responded by running away with Mayen chasing after him with the gun. The man says he saw Mayen fall and was then able to get back into his home and lock the doors. The complaint says the victim's wife then called her brother on the phone and told police that he had told her he was tired of men "disrespecting" his sisters.

The complaint says a recording from a neighbor's security camera corroborated the victim's statements to police. The documentation requests a warrant be issued for the arrest of Mayen, who is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges next month.

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