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I love seeing and hearing how people have gotten creative during the COVID-19 pandemic. With safety as a top priority, communities and neighborhoods all across the country found innovative ways to keep spirits up during these trying times.

I was pretty proud of my neighborhood when all of the dads got together last summer and planned a socially distanced block party with a taco truck but that's nothing compared to what three dads in Warroad Minnesota did this winter.

They decided to connect their kids' backyard hockey rinks together using the river that runs behind their properties. Then they decided to keep going. Now the community has a 2.5-mile ice skating path that is regularly maintained and even has a concession stand!


The Warroad Community Partners posted the video below to its Facebook page and said, "The Riverbend Skate Path is a welcome addition to our community! Thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated community members, this 2+ mile skating path is open to all! The skate path connects the various river rinks along its path and is flanked by a groomed cross-country ski path on one side and a snowmobile trail on the other. People have been spotted walking, pulling sleds, pushing strollers, or practicing their stickhandling as they use the path. Curling games with shop brooms and gallon jugs as makeshift stones have been played, impromptu hot cocoa stands have popped up, and firepits have been lit to warm up those who congregate around them!"

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