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The Cedar River Farmers Market is very excited to be getting a new, permanent farmers market set up in Austin, Minnesota! Impact Austin and the Austin City Council are to thank for this permanent location. The City Council approved it last week.

The new structures won't be up for this summer's farmers market. Mary Anne Duren, Coordinator of Impact Austin, spoke with ABC 6 News about the project. She said, they'll still hold this year's farmers market in the new location, the permanent structures just won't be there and vendors will use their own tents. Once they raise enough money for the structures they can start building them.

Cedar River Farmers Market's new location is just south of the Terp Ballroom. The area has been vacant for a while because of flooding issues from the Cedar River. That makes it not possible for large buildings to go there, but the farmers market will work just fine in that spot!

City Councilman Jason Baskin shared information from the meeting where the City Council approved the famers market plans and shared mock-ups on his Facebook page.

It looks like it's going to be a really nice location, I really like the built-in tents for vendors. If you want to check out the Cedar River Farmers Market this year, they're open every Friday starting June 18th through October 15th from 3-7 PM.

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