On My Gift, Carrie Underwood's recent Christmas album, a couple of original holiday numbers penned by the singer and her songwriting team appear among the selection of otherwise traditional carols. One of those is "Sweet Baby Jesus," a song crafted by Underwood with co-writers Brett James and David Garcia about the nativity story that's a linchpin of the Christian faith.

As Christmas Day draws near, the superstar vocalist brings "Sweet Baby Jesus" to Sounds of the Season, a new video series produced by down-home Southern restaurant and gift shop Cracker Barrel. Watch Underwood and her band's cozy performance of the tune above.

The video's one of several from the chain that brings together country music stars in the spirit of Christmastime togetherness. Maddie & Tae and Runaway June are also involved in Sounds of the Season — Runaway June performed their original seasonal number "Christmas on the Radio" (from the trio's When I Think About Christmas EP) as part of the festive series. But that's not all. There's also a heartwarming clip of all three artists talking about the holiday and what it means to them.

Carrie Underwood, Maddie & Tae and Runaway June Talk Christmas Traditions

Discussing the traditions each performer holds dear, Underwood notes the vast amount of travel that she and her clan — which includes 5-year-old Isaiah and 23-month-old Jacob — undertake each year.

"I feel like our tradition is being together, seeing family," the American Idol alum says amid the roundtable of entertainers. "That involves a lot of travel. We go to Oklahoma to see my family and go to Canada to see my husband's [former NHL player Mike Fisher] family. So it's like we go someplace before Christmas, we come back to Nashville for Christmas and then we go to the other place right afterwards."

Ensconced in Christmas trees and sitting in the type of rockers found outside nearly any Cracker Barrel, the all-star convo is sure to put any viewer in a jolly mood. Not to mention the soothing strains of "Sweet Baby Jesus," which will undoubtedly touch the heart of any faithful listener this season.

Sounds of the Season begins in earnest on Dec. 16. It's available only via Cracker Barrel's YouTube and Facebook pages.

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