Blake Shelton is a man of his word. Barely a week after saying he and girlfriend Gwen Stefani were going to work together to bring back his mullet, he delivered. And then, he shared pictures.

The 43-year-old "Nobody But You" singer delivered on Twitter Thursday afternoon. The first, he captioned: "Should've been the Nobody But You cover ... damn it."

Then, with Stefani's help, he took it a step further.

If you were born after 1995, "WTF?" is an appropriate response. "Stripes" (or "lines," if you were from the north( is what all the cool kids shaved into the side of their head in the early-to-mid-'90s. They often accompanied a mullet or a rat tail.

Shelton's hair isn't quite long enough to be full-mo. Stefani is feathering what little length he has but the shape is there and honestly in this day of mullet making it's pretty dang good. He has some work to do to catch up to Morgan Wallen's flow but give a man a chance.

People pass the time quarantining in different ways it seems. Shelton had to cancel the end of his 2020 winter tour due to the coronavirus but is on TV weekly on The Voice on NBC. The live shows are expected to begin in May.

On Thursday it was also announced that both Shelton and Stefani would be performing during the ACM Presents: Our Country special on CBS on April 5. They'll sing their hit duet "Nobody But You.'

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