Full disclosure, I've always eaten raw cookie dough... either homemade or store bought.  Nothing has ever  happened...health-wise. So, not sure if it's just a thing where it "could" happen, or some people are just more susceptible to it or what, but that's just me.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Anyhoo- the issue lies in the eggs and flour that are used to make the dough.  Pillsbury is now going to use a new process.  A post on Instagram said this:

Pillsbury now makes cookie dough that is safe to eat raw! The new formulation uses heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs to kill off possible food borne pathogens (mainly Salmonella) prior to baking the cookies. I found this Chocolate Chunk & Chip variety with the new safe to eat raw seal at Hy-Vee. All Pillsbury cookie dough will transition to this new formula by the end of summer 2020

So, to any of you that are cookie dough eaters, and people who eat their feelings, and people who just want something sweet to comfort them...this is for you!  But until then, there are some other options to get you through.  There are some other types of edible cookie dough.  Pillsbury is just now joining the ranks, and making all of their dough safe to eat raw.


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