Minnesota has so much wildlife, lakes, and overall beauty to offer. It doesn't matter if you are in the lakes area of central Minnesota, the bluff country of southeast Minnesota, or checking out everything the North Shore has to offer. There is beauty everywhere!

That is why Minnesota has so many VRBO and Airbnb vacation rentals to choose from! If you are looking to narrow down your next Airbnb or VRBO destination, we are here to help!

We found 10 of the best Airbnb and VRBO vacation rentals in Minnesota

After filtering them out by being a 'Perimer Host' on VRBO or 'Superhost' on Airbnb, we checked out some of the top-rated places to stay. Needless to say, if it wasn't a 4.8/5 or higher, it wasn't making this list!

Now, there are more incredible places to stay in Minnesota, we know that! These are 10 OF the best. Not THE best. This includes all types of places to stay, and each one is fantastic in its own way. Do you know of one we missed? Let us know on our app!

10 of the Best Airbnbs and VRBOs Minnesota Has To Offer

Are you searching for the best Airbnb in Minnesota? Maybe the best VRBO in Minnesota? Check out 10 of the best we found! These are all either Premier Host on VRBO or Superhosts on Airbnb and range from magnificent mansions to a beautiful treehouse! There is truly something for everyone! Check it out below.

6 Amazing Minnesota Cabins That Are 'Rare Finds' on Airbnb

Check out these six other cabins in Minnesota that might be a great fit for your next family adventure!

6 Amazing Minnesota Cabins that are 'Rare Finds' on Airbnb

When you're searching on Airbnb every once in a while you'll find a place that's considered a 'Rare Find'. In other words, it's usually fully booked! Here are 6 amazing cabins around Minnesota that are 'rare finds' and perfect for your next trip.

Minnesota's Most Expensive Summer Rental is Absurdly Priced at $13,000 Per Night

This is Minnesota's most expensive summer rental. It's located in Vergas, MN which is about an hour east of Fargo, ND. The cost per night is insane: $13,835 per night!

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