How are your kids getting to prom? Family car? Is a parent driving the Econo-Line van? Or, maybe, if your kids are super fancy, they're taking a limo. Those are all fine, but they've been done over and over. Suggest they try something new this year!

Your Kids Can Take the Wienermobile to Prom!

Oscar Mayer Wieners Vist Chicago school
These are NOT prom goers. Getty Images

By May 3, 2022, all they have to do is make a TikTok or Instagram video explaining why they deserve the coolest prom ride ever, and hashtag it #OscarTakeMeToProm. And yes, you can enter multiple times.

"You may enter multiple entries within the Promotion Period, via Instagram and/or TikTok. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same Instagram or TikTok account."

Super ton of rules here.

Can I Get the Planters Nutmobile Instead?

Photo courtesy Planters.
No word on if Mr. Peanut has a driver's license. Photo courtesy Planters.

I know what you're thinking. Since Hormel purchased Planters Nuts, those Nutmobiles have just been sitting there in front of Hormel's home office in Austin, Minnesota. So...what about it?

THere's no official contest for it, but there is a page called, "Request the Nutmobile" and I say it's worth a shot! It may not be as sexy as the Wienermobile, but now that it's local, let's support the nut!

It's comin' right at us! LOOK OUT! Photo courtesy Planters.
It's comin' right at us! LOOK OUT! Photo courtesy Planters.

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12 Photos That Show How Nuts and Wieners Are Turned Into Cars!

If you had the chance to go back in time and take the Wienermobile to prom or the Nutmobile to prom, which one would you choose?

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