Finally, there is a day to celebrate all of the awkward and cringe-worthy moments we all seem to experience. Of course, it follows St. Patty's Day, so I am pretty sure that a lot of people have awkward stories from the celebrations.

We all have those moments, moments where we wish the ground would open up and swallow us whole, or that everyone who is witness to our awkwardness suddenly develops amnesia and can't recall what bone-headed thing we just did. Unfortunately, these moments stand out and run the risk of becoming "that story" the one that just won't end. I have found that these stories aren't always that bad; that when it is my moment, I am the one who remembers it worse than it really was. These moments are part of the human condition and remind you to not take yourself too seriously.

With that idea, I will share my latest awkward moment, that actually made me cringe afterward. I recently had surgery, including an overnight stay in the hospital. When the surgery was over, I called my older daughter's home and spoke to the staff there (she lives in a group home) to let them know that everything was fine and that someone could give her a ride up to see me. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Well, it was, the first time I called. Apparently, I called, not once, but twice, and there is some debate on whether I called a third time, and had the exact same conversation every time I called. I have to laugh now, I was so out of it with the anesthesia I don't remember making more than one call. To make it even more cringe-worthy, she is not the only person I called more than once that day. Why did they let me use the phone??

What is your best awkward, and clean, moment you want to share?



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