Green beer, an extremely popular beverage of choice for those of us over 21 who celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You can find green beer almost anywhere. In fact there are quite a few places in Faribault serving green beer tomorrow! Some of those include


The Signature Bar and Grill

Grampa Al's 

Joe's Sports Cafe

Depot Bar and Grill

But why is it so popular? Who decided dying beer green was a good way to celebrate Irish pride?

Well, Don Russell from states that many sources point to a coroner named Dr. Thomas Hayes Curtin 101 years ago in New York. At a Bronx social club everything possible was turned green or decorated in green, even the beer. According to a newspaper that published about this event at the time, stated that when Dr. Curtin was asked how he did it, all he would say was that "the effect is brought about by one drop of wash blue in a certain quantity of the beer." If you don't know, wash blue is stuff that was used to brighten white fabrics. Yah, gross right? Obviously it wasn't enough to cause a negative affect on anyone otherwise this would be a whole other story. But that was the first time green beer was served! So be glad while you're drinking your green beer this weekend that it's not wash blue that's making it green.


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