It's March 17th tomorrow, which means that we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I have some Irish blood in my ancestry, so I thought I would look into what we are actually celebrating, besides the drinking of the green beer and wearing green.

St. Patrick's Day celebrates St. Patrick, who ministered Christianity in Ireland in the 5th Century. Apparently, people wear green as camouflage from the leprechauns who would pinch anything not green, thus leading to the tradition of pinching those not wearing green. This was very interesting, I had not heard that before.

In addition to wearing green, and drinking green beer, a lot of people make a more traditional Irish meal, and from what I have seen, corned beef brisket and cabbage is one of the most popular. I tried that one year, it was a dismal failure. So, this year I think I will just make a beef roast with potatoes and carrots.

I identify more with my German heritage, but, it's fun to see what other traditions are out there for other parts of my heritage. Of course, on St. Patty's Day, everyone is part Irish. For more information about St. Patrick's Day, click here.

Beware the leprechauns tomorrow, you never know where they will be unless you are wearing green. They, you will be safe from the pinches.

St. Patricks Day concept
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