HOLDINGFORD -- Stearns County authorities responded to a call about a possible plane crash over the weekend.

Deputies were called to the area of County Road 17 and 147th Avenue in Holding Township on Saturday.

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A nearby homeowner told police two planes (one blue the other black) were flying low to the ground, and that the blue plane "buzzed" their neighbors house, which is not uncommon. The homeowner told deputies they did not believe the two planes crashed.

Authorities called local pilots in the area to see if they were safe and who may have been flying the planes.

Holdingford Fire and Rescue, the State Patrol, DNR, Civil Air Support, Mayo Ambulance and community volunteers checked the nearby landing strips and the area where the planes were last seen, but were unable to find anything that would indicate a plane crash.

Authorities say the pilots of the two reported planes have not been identified.


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