Fishing takes a lot of practice, skill, and patients. In the land of ten thousand lakes, you can get a lot of practice testing out different waters to see what gets the fish to bite. According to KTTC Jason Howland from Albert Lea has the patience, passion, and drive to make him a world-class angler.

Jason Howland
Photo Credit Jason Howland from Albert Lea

This article says that Howland qualified for nationals the other day in Wisconson. He will be representing the wonderful state of Minnesota alongside 47 other anglers. Like many anglers, fishing runs in Howland's blood. His dad fished and got him into the sport. The article says that he started fishing at a young age and started competing in bass competitions with his dad. As he got older, he decided to fly solo and look where it landed him.

Like every sport, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of time testing things out. If I have learned anything from my brother the right lures and bat can go along ways. Howland said it's also important to know where the bass hangs out to find success. Going along with that, he said not every day is a good day. Sometimes you will have days where you won't see a single fish.

The article continues to say that he is trying to pass on his knowlege to younger generations, so the sport will continue. He is a coach of the Alber Lea Anglers. It's so great to see successful folks giving back and keeping the sport alive. Many of the outdoor sports see a fade because the older generations don't want to pass on their knowledge.

Good luck at nationals Jason! We are all cheering you on!

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