On Tuesday I will be hosting KDHL's AM Minnesota program. My guest will be Brad Redlin, who is with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Redlin is the coordinator of the Minnesota Agriculture Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP). The MAWQCP is a voluntary program where farmers and landowners can implement if needed conservation practices that protect our water in Minnesota. However many farmers have already implemented conservation practices and the MAWQCP is a way to be certified as already doing a good job.

In addition to recognition of doing a good job of protecting water quality, farmers receive a number of other benefits. Certified farmers are deemed to be in compliance with any new water quality rules or laws during the period of certification. Certified farmers can use their status to promote their business as protecting water quality. Finally, farmers that are seeking certification can obtain specially designed technical and financial assistance to implement needed conservation practices. Learn more about the MAWQCP Tuesday morning at 9:30. Later in the day the AM Minnesota program will be posted on our website kdhlradio.com.

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