My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Sam Ziegler with GreenSeam. GreenSeam was founded in 2013. It is a business unit of Greater Mankato Growth Inc. While GreenSeam is based in Mankato it includes all of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. It is a grassroots initiative created by hundreds of business and professionals rooted in agriculture. The goal is to build on and connect the region's extensive agricultural business assets.

The plan is to brand this area as the Silicon Valley of agriculture. Silicon Valley is known for computer and high technology. This area needs to be known nationally and internationally for being the place to be if you are involved in agriculture. It is much more than an area with fertile soils that can produce corn and soybeans that can be fed to cattle, hogs and turkeys.

This area has major food processors, equipment manufacturers, seed and herbicide companies,  transportation, professional services and an educational system to train the highly skilled workers that agriculture needs. Agriculture is this areas largest industry with more than $15.3 billion in annual sales. Yes, it is time to do a little "bragging" about what we have in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa!

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