My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be David Nicolai who is a crops specialist with the University of Minnesota Extension office in Farmington. David and other University of Minnesota Extension specialists were putting together a news release Monday on harvesting down corn. There is a lot of down and twisted corn in our area because of the storms and tornados that moved through last Thursday.

The picture is a view from my combine cab in a corn field that was fun to harvest. The corn was standing perfectly and was yielding well over 200 bushel an acre. This is not the view from combine cabs many farmers will see this year! With the rain in the forecast there is also a concern that the corn ears that are on the ground may germinate. David told me yesterday there are some adjustments you can make on your corn head to try and salvage more of the corn.

No matter what you do there is going to be more harvest loss this year. Many of these corn fields will be rotated to soybeans next year. That raises the issue of killing the volunteer corn in the beans next year. If your corn this year had the Liberty and Round-Up traits the volunteer corn next year will not be killed with Liberty or Round-Up. There are specific grass herbicides you can add to the tank to kill volunteer corn.

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