My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Steve Olson Executive Director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers. The topic will be Thanksgiving or as I also call it National Turkey Day! When you mention Thanksgiving most think of family gatherings and turkey! For a number of years I have had Steve on AM Minnesota just before Thanksgiving to talk about the turkey industry in Minnesota.

Minnesota in the past has ranked number one in the United States in turkey production and I am quite sure that is true again this year. The turkey industry in Minnesota means a lot of jobs and economic activity in rural Minnesota. Plus it is a great market for corn and soybeans raised in Minnesota! I will also ask Steve about some of the basics of getting ready for Thanksgiving like, thawing out a frozen turkey, how many pound turkey do you need for the guests you are expecting, how long does it take to bake a turkey and of course other food safety tips.

AM MN Part 1

AM MN Part 2

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