May is Beef Month and that will be the topic on today's AM Minnesota program. My guest will be Karen Schaefer the Executive Director of the Minnesota Beef Council. Some of the topics we will discuss include: promotional events, advertising, social media, human nutritional research, and fitness.

We will also discuss the economic importance of Minnesota's Beef Industry. Minnesota is home to over 16,000 beef operations, provides 47,300 jobs and contributes $4.9 billion to Minnesota's economy. Minnesota ranks tenth in cattle production in the United States. Minnesota is home to 2,420,000 head of cattle. In addition Minnesota exported $165 million in beef/veal in 2015.

It will be fun to talk with Karen about the beef industry in Minnesota. I have known Karen since she was a member of the Randolph FFA and a Dairy Princess in Dakota County! It is nice to see these kids grow up, head off to college and then have a career in Agriculture in Minnesota!

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