This morning for AM Minnesota I will be heading over to Elysian. Yes, we will talk about the big Elysian 4th of July Celebration. It actually began last evening with the 30th Annual Princess of the Lakes that was held under the tent at 7:00. One of the most impressive sights is when Elysian has the long row of flags flying right along Highway 60 thanks to the Elysian American Legion. I have renamed Elysian the city of Flags!

For many years I have had Pat and Jeanie on AM Minnesota to talk about Elysian and all the activities scheduled for their 4th of July Celebration. Remember the Lake Francis Boat Parade is at 10:00 Wednesday morning with the Grand Parade at 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. For a complete listing of events and times go to the City of Elysian web site. There is a link to the 4th of July celebration. I will be in the North Morristown parade in the morning and then over to Elysian in the afternoon. Hope to see you at one of the parades!


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