I was skeptical at first when I saw a buddy of mine post something about an All-You-Can-Drink tequila train ride in Mexico. While I haven't seen evidence of the AYCD portion, I did find this train, it's the Jose Cuervo Express, and it just made my vacation plans.

BC, before Covid-19, my wife and I had completed our very first trip by train, we took the AMTRAK out to Seattle. It was great, we stayed a few days in Montana right outside of Glacier National Park, and then finished our train journey when we arrived in Seattle. We got to see some really amazing things while aboard the train. This train-ride is just 11 hours, and you go from one end of Mexico to the other, while enjoying tequila and learning about the process of making it.

Here is the description from the website itself:

"Throughout the journey, you will be dazzled by the spectacular view offered by the wagon’s large windows to admire the impressive beauty of the landscape, as well as having completely new comfortable spaces, where you can taste an exclusive line of cocktails and enjoy our Premium Tequila Reserva de la Familia.

During the trip through the agave landscape to Tequila, we will serve you Mexican snacks and cocktails. You will enjoy a festive day with your family or friends in an atmosphere full of Mexican essence: mariachi, Mexican games, as well as an unforgettable visit to the oldest distillery in Latin America “La Rojeña®” in the Magical Town of Tequila"

The train goes on Saturdays every 15 days and the cost per person for the top-of-the-line Elite level is just $155/person, which to me is a fantastic bargain if you like tequila.

I for one am ready to get back to some normalcy and start to travel again, and this experience just made it to one of the top spots on my list.

So who's coming with to Mexico this summer to ride the Jose Cuervo Express?

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