The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is asking all Minnesota produce farmers complete the 2121 Grower Questionnaire. Filling out the quastionnaire each year determines how the federal Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) applies to their farm and what they must do to comply with the safety regulations. The questionnaire is voluntary but produce farmers that do not fill out the questionnaire will be contacted by the MDA to "determine the farm's regulatory status under the Produce safety Rule."

When produce farmers complete the questionnaire they will receive notice from the MDA Produce Safety Program  about the requirements for their farm. The data collected from the questionnaire also provide "a more accurate assessment of Minnesota's expanding produce farming sector including the number of farms and annual sales." The questionnaire shows that Minnesota has more than 1600 produce growers and over the years that continues to increase.

The produce questionnaire is available online at With so many consumers trying to access locally produced food and Farmers Markets even though no one likes regulations it is nice to know there are food safety regulations in place.

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