The Little Falls Traveler statue isn't the only landmark with its own face mask during this pandemic. "Big Ole" in Alexandria got his own mask in an online ceremony this week.

The mask for Big Ole wouldn't have been possible without the group Helping Hands of Alexandria. Amy Allen was the craftsman behind making the mask, and the group had chalk artists come out and create a mural on the sidewalk in front of the statue. The tree next to the statue is filled with hearts created by local daycares. The Runestone Museum is the owner of the statue, and the organization is excited appreciative of this project.

Alexandria is no stranger to this type of project, they were named the best city in Minnesota in 2019. It is comforting to see communities pull together in these uncertain times to create something and give the feeling of unity.

You can check out what is happening to Big Ole live 24/7 on this webcam live feed of the statue and park.

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