I know all farmers have been busy and some are still finishing up tillage. I drove out to the farm Sunday afternoon and did not see one field of corn left to be harvested. There is some dry fertilizer being applied, and I did see a couple of anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks being pulled down the road. By the way, do not forget to drop off or send your property taxes tomorrow.

It was a number of years ago the law was changed to give farmers or agriculture property owners an extra month to pay the second half of their property taxes. Non-agriculture property taxes are due October 15. I believe the thought was to have agriculture property taxes due after harvest. By the way, if you are late a penalty will be applied. A few years ago I forgot to send it before I went to the Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City. The convention was a little later that year and I got back November 16. I paid the penalty, too. At least my name was not listed as delinquent tax payer!