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There are many people named Zach around the world but there are also a TON that are in the University of Minnesota system. About 719 Zachs actually. And hundreds of these Zachs plan to come together and make a real difference in people's lives.

It started off as a joke between Zach Uter and Zach Faith, according to KARE 11. Eventually, the two decided to email all of the other Zachs or Zacharys that popped up in the University email system. Zach F. ended up emailing about 719 other Zachs who are either current undergrad students, current PhD students, or alumni. The proposal was to create a group of all Zachs. The goal? "'[To] take over certain areas of the university, whether it be intramurals, other student groups, or small random classes.'"

Zach F. ended up getting hundreds of responses of people interested in joining! The group quickly went from being something goofy to them realizing that the Zach supergroup could really make a difference.

One idea was to find a Zach at the Children's Hospital and have all the Zachs write letters to him. Then the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund reached out, a fund that was set up in honor of Minnesotan and 'Clouds' singer Zach Sobiech who died of osteosarcoma in 2013.

Now the Zachs plan to raise money to help kids with cancer and their families. KARE 11 writes that they "plan to sell shirts and raise money, eventually creating a fund for a family in need."

I love that this group went from something goofy to "take over campus" and then turned into something that could really help out people in need.

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