The 2020 Minnesota Drive-thru-alternative State Fair has officially come and gone, but we're still happily living vicariously through those who found their own way to celebrate the Great Minnesota Get Together this year.

Earlier this month, we featured one Minnesota man whose backyard state fair gained some local attention for its creativity. Photos posted to Facebook revealed his own fairground (backyard), Midway (inflatable bounce castle), beer garden (coolers) and machinery hill (driveway). Their "fair" also included sweet corn, mini donuts, deep fried cheese curds and cotton candy.

A hit online, the idea took off as others created at-home fairs of their own. Videos posted to TikTok by Rebecca Mae found some virality of their own, with one video in particular earning over 410k views.

@bfradsThe fair hits different♬ Level Up - Ciara

"The fair hits different," Rebecca captioned her video. Shots show people enjoying their own at-home version of the fair with different signs dotted around the lawn reading "Snow Cones," "Onion Rings," "Popcorn," "Corn Dogs," and "Hot Fries." Other shots show food like cinnamon donuts, corn on the cob and New Glarus Spotted Cow beer. Another video posted by Rebecca Mae shows her participating in an at-home butter sculpting contest.

Video shows people gathered around a kitchen table with blocks of butter in front of each of them. As the video continues, they use plastic knives to carve out images in their butter blocks. The final shot reveals the results, including several portrait carvings (one of them being Harry Potter) and an ear of corn.

On September 10, the Minnesota State Fair posted a video to Facebook announcing the dates for 2021's event as August 26 through Labor Day, September 6.

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