Kentucky Fried Chicken has recently come out with a new ad campaign for their latest product: The KFC Secret Recipe French Fries. I have to admit, when I first saw the commercial I thought they looked fantastic and couldn't wait to try them.

Just watch those fries explode in the container like it's popcorn spilling out. I've never had anything I didn't like at KFC, so this was for sure going to be a winner, right?

I was in West Duluth last week and decided to swing in and try that chicken tenders and fries meal. The chicken tenders were as good as always. They also had an extra special sauce that had a nice zing to it. I saved what I hoped to be best for last: the fries.

I noticed right away that there wasn't that many fries in there. The carton wasn't really that full, and it really wasn't all that big to begin with. The picture above is my actual fries in my order.

In fact after you pull out a few fries there really isn't that much in there. They are thicker cut than say a McDonald's french fry or other fast food chains, but nothing as big as their wedges were.

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I bit into my first one and it was soggy. Not just a little soggy, like real soggy. Maybe I didn't get a fresh batch? Besides the texture, they tasted pretty good. KFC knows how to season their food, and it had a good overall taste. However, without a crunchy texture I just don't know if it's worth trying again.

Like I said, maybe I had a bad stale batch, but I don't remember ever having potato wedges from KFC that I didn't like. I'd prefer those over these new fries any day. So it's a swing and miss in my book, but at least the chicken was still great.

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