Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year when many of us come together with our loved ones to enjoy a day of stuffing ourselves silly before passing out in a turkey-induced coma while a football game plays in the background. It's pretty much the best day ever.

But for some, getting through that family dinner can be a whole thing. It's tough work navigating your way through

Luckily, that's where beer comes in! I asked local beer experts in Rochester to name their favorite Minnesota craft beers to pair with a typical Thanksgiving meal. Let's get started!

5.5% ABV

"This should taste good with turkey. You probably want to avoid IPAs with most Thanksgiving food."

4.8% ABV

This is one of my favorites. Smooth. Great for cleansing your palette after a mouthful of stuffing.

5.8% ABV

One local beer connoisseur claims this should pair up well with turkey and stuffing because of its smoothness.

6% ABV

Nice and refreshing. Perfect to enjoy and enjoy some more when your relatives keep badgering you with questions about you why you're still single. *chugchugchug*

5.4% ABV

This is normally a summer beer for me, but I'm cheating. This is a good beer that shouldn't fill you up too much while you're diving into that second helping of mashed potatoes.

Those are my picks, but really - you can't go wrong. It's beer. And for that, we should be very thankful.

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