One day last week I was in a hurry so I stopped at a fast food restaurant to grab lunch. This time it happened to be Arby's. I noticed one of the employees had this t-shirt on that made me think of my pork producing friends. Will Work For Bacon sounds like something I would do! I am quite certain she is getting paid more than just bacon but it is nice to see so many fast food restaurants promoting bacon.

I assume restaurants are putting bacon in all these sandwiches because consumers like the taste it adds to the sandwich. Whatever the case increasing demand for bacon benefits the pork industry. It also benefits all farmers that produce corn and soybeans. That is because all those pigs eat a lot of corn and soybean meal. In addition many farmers raising corn and soybeans benefit from the crop nutrients produced by all those pigs.

I have a large farrowing operation very close to one of my farms. Late in August after my sweet corn was picked my pork producing neighbor injected liquid hog manure on my sweet corn ground. I got a great deal on the crop nutrients provided by the manure. It was convenient for my pork producing neighbor because he did not have to haul the manure in tanker semi trailers. He was able to pump the manure in a hose from the pit right to my field. Not only do I like to eat bacon, my corn does very well on what else the pigs produce, manure!

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