Do you have a pop culture fanatic in your life? Here's a good gift for a special occasion in their life!

I scoured Cameo recently to see which celebrities were on there and how much they charged. In case you don't know, Cameo is an online website where celebrities make fans personalized videos for a cost. Sometimes they charge a ton and others charge just a few bucks.

The website has Hollywood stars of all kinds: musicians, comedians, actors, actresses, influencers and more. If you have a celebrity crush, they are probably on there. If your friend has once, they are likely on there as well.

I scoured nearly two-hundred pages full of actors and actresses to construct a list. There were a lot of reality television stars and TikTok stars but I stuck with those that are famous for their work in television, commercials and movies.

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The list is very random and prices for the personalized videos range from a few bucks to hundreds in other cases. Some of the celebrities on this list donate their profits to charity which makes the big price tag a little easier to swallow.

Take a look at this list of forty actors you can book now on Cameo. Be warned - this list is VERY random but fun!

40 Famous (And Random) Actors On Cameo

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