These are the kind of fish stories that you want to hear...especially when there is actually a picture instead of just a story about "how the big one got away".

Via -Eric Stroh
Via -Eric Stroh

It's not only amazing that this little boy caught a big fish, it's the fact that this 4 year old caught a big walleye with a toy fishing pole.  It seems amazing that a toy could actually reel in an actual fish like that.  I always just figured that those fishing poles were just for play... like you might catch a little sunny or something, but not a walleye... and a fairly large one at that.

You have to wonder how he's going to ever top this fish tale.  His father says he watches the video almost every night before he goes to bed.  It's like his very own bedtime story.

His biggest fishing moment might have happened at the ripe age of 4.