35 Hilarious Reasons You Should Move to Minnesota (Wrong Answers Only)

Minnesota is a great state - we've got over 10,000 lakes, four seasons, gorgeous colors in our trees in the fall, and some pretty amazing lake towns.  But, this is a state that some people get a little cranky about.  And to laugh about the stuff that isn't so awesome, the internet went wild with some "Wrong Answers Only" questions.

Why Someone Should Move to Minnesota (Wrong Answers Only)

I know a lot of people love the state of Minnesota, but the other day I had a little fun with our state. I asked on Facebook "Why should someone move to Minnesota? WRONG ANSWERS ONLY" and a whole bunch of answers started rolling in...and they are awesome.
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What's missing on the "Wrong Answers Only" list?

Is there something that is missing on this list?  I'd love to hear what you would add.  Go ahead and add it to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio at the post below.  You can even add a ❤️ to the comments you love.

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Top Injuries Googled in Minnesota

Minnesota is full of some outdoor-loving people!  Now, you don't have to enjoy the outdoors to live here but it is a perk.  Another perk that we have over some of our neighboring states are professional sports teams.  We have massive stadiums that hold thousands of people yelling SKOL, waving Homer Hankies, and banging on glass.  We like to have fun!

Sometimes we have a little too much fun though.  In fact, a little bit of research was done to see what the top Googled injury was in each state and the one for Minnesota does not surprise me at all.  My house had two kids who had this injury last year.  Let's just say, we met our deductible for insurance very fast.

Top 5 Injuries Googled in Minnesota

Injuries happen - that's just part of life, especially if kids are part of your world. When someone in your home gets hurt, we tend to go first to Google to see if we can figure out the injury ourselves. According to some research by injuredinflorida.com, below are the top 5 injuries that are Googled by people in Minnesota.

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