All towns have something unique about them. It could be an attraction, the history, or a restaurant everyone loves. But this town in southeast Minnesota is unique in a way that surprised me a little bit.

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I was doing some Googling to see which states shared a name with Rochester and our surrounding towns. All of them that I Googled appeared in multiple states.

Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester, MN
Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester, MN

For example, there are 17 Rochesters across the country:

Check Out All 17 Rochesters Across the United States

Everyone knows about Rochester, Minnesota and Rochester, New York, but there are 15 other Rochesters across the United States on top of those two! Did you know about any of these?

I also found a Byron, California and a St. Charles, Illinois. But one of our nearby towns didn't share a name with any other town in the country or even in the world from what I could find!

Southeast Minnesota Town Unique to Minnesota

That town is Zumbrota. Yeah, Zumbrota is a unique name but I feel like I always hear about at least one other place in the world that shares a name with a town in our neck of the woods. But it turns out that Zumbrota is unique to us here in southeast Minnesota.

Like I said earlier, every town has something unique about them and there's just something about small towns that makes me enjoy visiting them. I wouldn't be able to live in a town with a small population, that's not for me, but I like visiting. And we have plenty of small towns to visit in southeast Minnesota. Keep scrolling for delicious small-town restaurants you can check out.


Our listeners chimed in with their favorite small-town restaurants and even told us what to order when we visit. Below you'll see 60 great restaurants that you should try as you travel around southeast Minnesota.

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