Steam was coming out of my ears while watching the Golden State Warriors destroy the Los Angeles Clippers in their playoff game Sunday.  Why you ask ?  I couldn't help but think what could've been had Minnesota picked Stephen Curry instead of Jonny Flynn with the 6th pick of the 2009 NBA draft.  The Timberwolves picked Ricky Rubio 5th followed by Flynn and then chose another point guard 18th.  Ty Lawson of North Carolina.  They proceeded to trade Lawson to Denver for a future first round pick that was Luke Babbitt (10th overall 2010 pick) then handed Babbitt to Portland along with Ryan Gomes for Martell Webster.  Webster needed two back surgeries to repair a bulging disc and struggled through two seasons before being released by Minnesota. I could go on about the ridiculous moves former General Manager David Kahn made, but back to the steam coming out of my ears.  Curry is just a ridiculous shooter and could've certainly played shooting guard with Rubio at the point.  I know he said he didn't want to play the position, but can you imagine he and Rubio on a fast break ? Of course it was two seasons after he was drafted before Rubio donned a Minnesota uniform and during that time Curry could've played the point.  In fact they might've found that he played it so well they could've traded Rubio.  However, I kind of like having them both on the same team.  Flynn was recently released by a team he played for in China and played a little while in Australia and was no superstar there either.  Granted hindsight is 20/20, but even at draft night 2009 NBA scouts were saying Curry would be a fine pro.  Scale of 1 to 10 one draft service rated his shooting a 10...NBA readiness an 8 and nothing lower than a 6 (that was for his size).  Are your ears steaming also ?  Could Rubio and Curry have been a good tandem?  What do you think?