"Cold hands and a warm heart" is something my grandmother used to say. I sure hope she was right, because I'm pretty much always cold. In fact, even as the temps have finally broken into the 70's, I've been using a space heater!

Gasp! I know, a space heater when it's this beautiful outside?!?! Shame. But hear me out. I love summer. LOVE it! I love sunny days, bonfires with friends, long walks, camping, windows open, days at the beach, baseball, live music, and more hours of daylight. And while summer (and technically spring right now) brings all of that and warmer temps, it also means that people undoubtedly start turning on the air conditioners. Although, I love the warmth and sunshine we have outside, the second I step into most businesses, I am chilly. I understand that everyone is most comfortable at different tempuratures, and that my comfort level is warmer then most prefer, meanwhile there are those that are roasting in tempuratures I deem to be long sleeve worthy. If it were up to me, we'd keep the AC off until it hit at least 80-85 degrees, and just open a few windows and let the breeze in. While that might fly at home, when at the office and most public places, I am out voted. So, I almost never leave the house without a jacket of some sort (yes, even in July, I have been known to have a sweatshirt within arm's reach) and when sitting in the studio, rather then being overcome with goosebumps, I've been pulling out my trusty space heater. And I have to say, it has been WONDERFUL! I may get a few odd looks and comments about "how hot" it is in the studio, but as far as I am concerned if I can't broadcast from a warm and sunny beach, then it's the next best thing!

Picture: K Krage