Summer Ending?
We are only into August, and it seems like summer is coming to an end already. Schools have their supply lists out, and open houses are being planned, especially for the Owatonna schools since there are so many changes this year. I am seeing Fall decorations out at the local retailers, and I am gett…
Tips To Stay Cool And Save Some Coin While Doing It
It's going to be really hot this weekend, taxing the air conditioners, the electrical grid and probably our patience a bit if an air conditioner fails. And many utilities will be asking us to watch our usage to try to keep outages down.
Xcel Energy has some tips to help keep you cool without bre…
How You Know Jerry Has Had A Busy Summer
It has been a very busy summer, as you can see. Just thinking about a few things I did and did not get done tires me out! Notice that I kept my promise to the St. Paul police officer. I did get my driver's license renewed.
Warmer days and cold hands
"Cold hands and a warm heart" is something my grandmother used to say. I sure hope she was right, because I'm pretty much always cold. In fact, even as the temps have finally broken into the 70's, I've been using a space heater!
Winter is FINALLY over!!!
The calender has said it is 'spring' since March 20th, but here in Minnesota, we know that conditions outside do not always match the season. We still have a ways to go before summer comes, but today's weather is a sneak peak of warm and sunny days to come!