Having grown up with the Muppets as a kid and then seeing the fun and excitement they brought my own kids, I was excited to hear about the new movie coming out March 21st. Muppets Most Wanted.  I have seen most of the previous movies, and I am not sure what I enjoy more. The Muppet's antics or the cameo appearences by the various stars. There is always a good line up. Just like there was for the Muppet Show, which I used to love to watch.  The movies you'd have to watch several times, just like a Mel Brooks movie, to catch all the jokes or inuendo.  But they made you forget about reality and made you laugh, if only for a short time.  Check it out on March 21st. And you can get info here as well.http://muppets.disney.com/muppets-most-wanted.