Undated (KROC AM News) - Record-breaking cold weather hit northern Minnesota Thursday. And it was even colder Friday morning.

Several cities recorded their coldest daily high temperature for Nov 9th Thursday and that was a sign of what was to come.

Numerous record lows were reported Friday morning, including Duluth (-5), Hibbing (-12) and International Falls (-14). International Falls also set a record Thursday with a low of -13 degrees. The Weather Channel was providing live coverage from International Falls Friday morning, reporting on the frigid conditions. Elsewhere, Bigfork had a Friday morning low of -15 and Embarrass dropped to -14 degrees.

Rochester came close to setting a record Thursday with a low of 10 degrees. The record for Nov 9 is 7 degrees. The unofficial Friday morning low was 9 degrees.  

Rochester fell into the freezer around 2:00 AM Thursday and it may not get back above freezing until mid-afternoon Saturday.

So far this month, Rochester’s daily average temperature has been below normal. That streak may end next week when high temps could get into the upper 40s.