Goodhue captures my first Gordy's Gourmet Concession stand award for the winter 2013-2014 season.  I'll be awarding one for each season.  Goodhues incredible variety won the designation.  I"ve had walking tacos, pulled pork, chili, cheeseburgers, sloppy joes, chicken sandwiches for a main item and of course they always have milk available in the dairy farming area.  I've included a picture of the plaque here that Goodhue can proudly display by their concession stand.  It includes a clock so people can see what time it is to get back into whatever activity they are having in the gym.  Tatge Jewelry in Kenyon did a super job on the plaque!

If we have a spring season I'll select my favorite concession stand for that season and I'll do it in the fall also.  You know the saying folks, "Variety is the SPICE of life!"  MMMM....keep up the good work Goodhue.  Next season I'm thinking about a fan's choice award.  What do you think?