This oversize load on Highway 21 in Faribault it not something you see every day! I am pretty sure this qualifies as an "oversize load" in Minnesota department of Transportation terminology! Wednesday afternoon I left the lobby at Reliance Bank and noticed all the Faribault police cars and officers blocking and directing traffic. My first thought was that there was an accident and then I saw this semi hauling this big long piece of machinery with a number of escort vehicles.

I have no idea what this long piece of machinery is for but I suspect it was headed to the Faribault Energy park? The semi driver's load was so long he could not navigate the corner by the Truckers Inn in Faribault. He turned very slowly and drove east in the west bound lane. I do not know the weight of the load but the real issue was the length which made it difficult to haul.

I wonder how much all the Minnesota Department of Transportation permits cost to haul a load like that plus all the pilot cars or escort vehicles?

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