Minnesota is the first state where you can buy Minnesota lottery tickets through an app called Jackpocket. However, this new ability to purchase lottery tickets is not popular among legislators and people who are anti-gambling.

The way the app works is the company Jackpocket has people working in the Twin Cities buying lottery tickets from a specific retailer (they didn't say who specifically). The lottery tickets are then put up for sale on their app.

There is a 7% service fee charge and they do have a way to verify your age (you must be at least 18) and to verify that you are located in Minnesota (they use GPS technology for that).

If you win $600 or less the money will be made available on your app account to either use for more lottery ticket purchases or you can send it to your bank account. If you win over $600 the Jackpocket website says it will "arrange to have the ticket delivered to you in a secure fashion so that you may claim your prize from the State Lottery.”

The burning question though is, is this legal?

The Star Tribune reports that "Jackpocket and the Minnesota State Lottery say the new app is legal under a different statute that allows 'a ‘lottery service business’ ... that, for a fee or commission, purchases lottery tickets on behalf of customers or subscribers.'"



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