What a difference a year makes.  Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn went before the Board of Commissioners today and asked them to approve renewing a contract to provide police services for the city of Morristown.  A year ago the Morristown City Council was not unanimous in it's vote to obtain the service and ultimately decided to go for a year trial.  At the council meeting where the vote took place the crowd was so large it was moved inside the fire station area and a number of people said they wanted to maintain their local police department.

Dunn told the County Board of Commissioners the tune has changed since then.  He attended a council meeting last week and said the contract, "Unanimously passed and they requested a five year contract extension for 60 hours per week, similar to what we've been doing now and they are very happy with services we've provided there and wanted to lock it in for an extended period of time."

The Rice County Sheriff added the contract includes a three percent increase in the cost per year for cost of living adjustments.  The contract for the first year is for $145,054 dollars.

District 5 Commissioner Jeff Docken was happy to hear the Sheriff's report because the area is in his district and said, "I actually heard a lot of positive feedback from other people  down there that thought it worked out rather well so, happy to hear that and happy to go forward."

Dunn responded, "And there was actually a council person that was not for it initially and he spoke up at the meeting and said he's been very happy and a number of people apologized for their conduct early on with (this issue).  I think they were afraid to lose their identity and their police agency but when they see what we're providing there they are very happy with it.  The coverage is better than what they had before, the training obviously, we train our deputies very, very well and the deputies are doing a phenominal job over there.  I'm glad it worked out and look forward to five more years of happiness in Morristown."

There were some chuckles following Dunn's last remark.

District 4 Commissioner Steve Bauer said, "It's nice to have all those positive comments."

The Sheriff agreed saying, "It's been great ."

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn
Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn

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