Yesterday was National Roast Day, like the comedic jab style of roast, not the crockpot type, and Wendy's Restaurant didn't pull any punches on Twitter. The fast-food spot dared any and all to step up to the podium and get roasted. Once again, Wendy's did NOT disappoint with some replies that were borderline savage. Here are some of the best roasts from Wendy's yesterday in no particular order.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM


Busch Beer decided to wade into the unfriendly roasting waters first, and much like last year, other brands on Twitter joined in and waited their turn to get roasted by Wendy's.

The hole in the middle of this donut operator just got a little bit bigger, as Wendy's wanted him to know how 'undesirable' he was, in the style of Jeopardy!  
  Wendy's dropped the bomb on Jagermeister, Ole.

AEW, took a flying elbow off the top rope from Wendy's complete with GIF.  
Bud Light got in on the roasting, only to be told by Ms. Wendy that maybe pumpkin-flavored seltzer isn't such a great idea.

This Bud's for you...  
The Kansas City Royals even stepped up to the plate, and Wendy's blew one by them.

If you enjoy the snark, check out the rest of the National Roast Day Tweets from Wendy's by heading here.

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